Duration: 01:21:04

Price: € 42,95

‘ROCK CHICK’ (Mira Benneth) from the U.K. is one of the few models being actually into the fetish itself. That is how she discovered Joy Angeles and while she has been recording countless movieclips since her introduction

in 2009. She’s without a doubt one of the most popular girls in the EFRO genre and fans of ROCK CHICK will be very pleased to see all the movies she has ever done on HD format. Like almost every model, ROCK CHICK started out filming herself pooping, peeing and panty pooping on a simple cell phone and later switched to HD. ROCK CHICK does all: Panty pooping, pooping, peeing and even scat, which Joy Angeles never features but in some cases makes an exception. ROCK CHICK does countless pooping scenes and like every model, she does them in the privacy of her own home and makes them the way she likes them to be. This is the first volume of ROCK CHICK’s impressive catalog. Volumes 2

and 3 will be even more impressive as it’s all filmed in HD.