Regardless of how you look like...

You can earn a lot of cash!

Working for Joyangeles.com




It's indeed as simple as it says: Are you a female of 18+?

Then you're in for a great time of making money with Joy Angeles!

Good looks are not even important.


What counts is if you can poop and pee - and everybody can do that!


Film yourself pooping using your iPhone or a camera, send your clips to us

via www.wetransfer.com or www.sendspace.com and tell us where we can

send your money to - and that's all there is to it!









We can all make fun out of situations involving poop. Poop, for some reason, makes people laugh. Girls can have as much fun as boys when it comes to those situations, but girls mostly won't show it as easy as boys. There are thousands

of guys out there who never even saw a girl pooping in their lives, so that's why this website was founded. By never seeing a girl poo, many guys think girls poop flowers and roses. Here's your opportunity to show them the truth - and make money on top of it!


www.joyangeles.com's visitors 95% are male, but females seem to enjoy this 'fetish' of just watching a girl poo too. This fetish is called EFRO (Erotic Female Relieving Observance), strangely enough appreciated by the more creative

and artistic people amongst us. Immensely famous lovers of this genre go

from W. Amadeus Mozart to Louis XIV!





Imagine how simple this is:

You just wait till you have to poop really bad. You just place your camera on the floor and start filming yourself the moment you really have to go. You don't need to be naked at all: just wear whatever it is you are wearing at the moment you want to film, squat down and go! It doesn't matter if it takes you only 3 minutes or a full hour... anything is good. Don't be ashamed to fart: the noisier you are, the better the clip is! Whether you poop really huge turds, pellets or soft ones: everything is good. To those of you who really can poop very big piles: girls,

hold your poo as many days as possible and these are the highest paid clips!


Don't let your bf film you - but film yourself: you are the best director of your clips. But if you have a gf who wants to join you: even better! We just double

the amount for one clip featuring two girls. As long as you make sure that you

are not too close to the camera, your turds are clearly visible and the clips are bright and of a reasonable quality, you can't miss. When you are done, just pick up the camera and show us a close up of your 'product' and that's it: your first

JA clip - and you just earned your first JA money!


Clich here for the examples, if your clips look somewhat like this, it's always good.

So this is it: Each pooping scene you film is worth USD 60,- at least!

If you can poop very big poos, each scene is even worth up to USD 80,- !

And if you don't mind showing your face and can poop & pee very big...

each scene can be worth USD 70,- to USD 100,- !!


A complete scene is just about 2 to 5 minutes..

big poopers, imagine what you can earn A MONTH!!


If you are a big pooper, female, above the age of 18 and you want to earn

the easiest money in the world, please contact us and you can start today!





Some tips and tricks for models to get the best clips from day one:


1 - most important: wait as many days as you can before you poop.

This way your poos will be very big.


2 - ONLY record yourself when you really need to go: we have to see that

you are about to explode:) while you desperately undo your jeans or skirt.


3 - always use enough light. If you film in daylight, do NOT film in front of

any window as it will make you too dark. Use daylight from the windows to

shine on you.


4 - never poo into a bucket or anything that blocks the view of your poo.

Make sure your turds are always visible when they come out,

and are on the floor.


5 - NEVER fart when you are NOT recording: hold all your farts so we hear

you fart before and when you poop: farting is VERY important.


6 - Make sure you drink a lot, 2 hours before you record yourself: we need

to see filled, full bladders and very long and strong pee streams as well.

A clip should have some enormous pre-farting, some long big turds and a

long, strong hissing pee. That's what makes the clips great.


7 - Never wear socks only: this looks very bad. You can be naked if you like,

but I prefer seeing you FULLY clothed, normal clothes, and just lowering your jeans or lift your skirt. Wear boots or shoes, anything.


8 - NEVER film yourself seated on the bathtub: we need to see your legs.


9 - NEVER let your boyfriend film, unless he's a Steven Spielberg.


10 - NEVER zoom in or be too close to the camera. We featured too many butts only - we need to see the girl's total body, with clothes, hair and everything.


11 - Film your face. If you want to be anonymous, no problem: just cover your face with your hands: it looks cute :)


12 - If you happen to be able to do loud and long BURPING: great. Always include burping too. Anything which comes out of you - except for menstruation blood - is great.


13 - if you want to pantypoop: great. If you want to use enemas: only if you pump in very large amounts of water - or use AIR instead to make huge fake farts: these are very nice too.


14 - You can always talk. Talk in your own native language, say whatever you want, it doesn't have to be 'sexy' at all. I prefer you talk about your exam or

new shoes rather than:


'Hey guys, I'm gonna shit for you.' That is too cliché.


15 - if you like, record some additional material of yourself walking around, eating, drinking, being pretty etc.


16 - Do not film when animals are in the room. Especially cats: they want to be on camera too :)


17 - ALWAYS feature yourself wiping.


18 - ALWAYS film your end product, the poo, for about 10 seconds. Hold your foot or a hand next to it so we can see how big it is :)


19 - If you focus on pissing too: try to have an absolutely filled bladder. You can get extra money for those kind of clips, provided you have really large pees and you are


standing up or do it in a way we see a huge stream of pee. If you cannot pee for 1 minute straight, you can also drink all day long and record yourself in the same position, repeat it 10 times, with the camera always on a different position - so we edit it all together so it looks like one huge incredible pee.


20 - If you can do outdoor pooping and peeing: please do.

21 - If you have a female friend who can join you: please do and we pay double - if you both poop, fart and pee big.


22 - If you want to film yourself in a ladies toilet or in a public place or a place where people might see you: please do.


23 - do NOT complicate your efforts by trying to poop on a bed or even worse -

a water bed.


24 - Always wait until you are REALLY done pooping. It doesn't matter if the clip is 15 minutes long that way.


All together it's: a girl with nice clothes, a girl desperately need to poop and pee, who farts while she does it, who we can fully see in frame, who poops large, long turds and pees a very long hard stream, relaxes and poops more, wipes and shows her turds. With additional material of her eating, drinking, walking, working on the laptop, watching tv, walking outside on the streets, in the forest - anything.


These would make great clips.


Eating tips:


If you want to do really huge turds (as we need this) you can try taking large amounts of Psyllium Husk, which is Colon Clean, Metamucil or any Psyllium powder - or just very large portions of lettuce, salads. Never be ashamed your poos or pees are too big: this is what the website is about! :)


You can send an email to [email protected].



Happy filming!