Shellyna 2

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The second HI RES movie collection of all the SHELLYNA videos she made in 2009 – 2010 which gave her the instant status of one of the world’s leading EFRO top models of today because of her amazing bowel capacity and her ability to poop unbelievably huge turds.

In 2007 the world’s leading EFRO website Joy Angeles received an e-mail of a very shy law student named Nathalia with a little video attached. The video showed Nathalia pooping anonymously and it was used on the website. It wasn’t until later that same year it became clear Nathalia was making her clips thinking she ought to poop like a girl and therefore was keeping her pooping small. It took some convincing that it was in fact the big pooping fans would like to see. Being a law student, Nathalia was extremely cautious, keeping her real name a secret and over-dressing for the new videos she sent in. The new videos showed ‘Shellyna’ pooping in full gear and her videos were so amazing that she became an overnight superstar in the EFRO niche. Giving birth to turds which were as long as 148 cm and her absolute record: 2 meters and 14 cm meant a smash hit for Shellyna, who’s clips went viral on the internet and suddenly had a huge fan base.
When she stopped her study in 2015 she decided to reveal her face and became perhaps the most popular EFRO star ever, first stunning the world with her record-breaking turds and now stunning the world with her incredible good looks.
Few had expected Shellyna to be so good looking and in 2018 started her own web shop at the request of thousands of devotees who wanted more than just the videos.

The SHELLYNA collection shows you her amazing footage, never seen before clips and it will become clear why this girl became such a huge star after watching the first seconds of these one hour plus movies which will leave you speechless and with an appetite for more!

Presented in a format which is actually higher than Blu-ray; the hi res .mp4 files, these are not physical Blu-rays but .mp4 downloads of the Blu-ray MASTERS, meaning a better quality and higher resolution.